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How do you entertain a 2 year old? Help!

Posted on: November 19, 2007

The creative part of my brain is on the fritz. And, I’m feeling a tad bit guilty as I don’t believe I’m “being all I can be” for Savanna right now. I am busy and my mind is preoccupied. As a result, I have been “short” with Savanna. To say the least, it has been difficult for me to to stay “child centered”.

Savanna likes to watch t.v. which I don’t really think is the best thing for her. She loves for me to chase her (and I do) but I don’t want to do that (rather, I can’t!)  for hours either. She loves to color with her crayons and markers but before long she is bored with that too.  Savanna loves to dance, jump, and run too.

What else can I do with her inside the house? In other words, what do two-years- olds like to do?

All ideas are welcome.


One Frazzled Mom


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The best activity for an active 2 year old in my book is sidewalk chalk!!! Brilliant for teaching them to write, increase fine motor skills & a LOT of fun. They start by using their shoulders, then the skill moves to elbow, then hand then fingers. You can draw shapes, they can jump in the shapes. I used to play for HOURS with the two little ones – can you jump into the pink circle, now hop in the green square. etc.

Activities in the house:
finger painting
gluing pieces of tissue paper on a piece of construction paper
making handprints
making crowns
making jello
stiring – great for fine motor skills
lacing games – where they lace large thick shoe lace around a teddy bear
playdoh – SOOOO much fun, you can make snakes, animals, handprints etc
reading – A two year old I nannied for used to sit and be read to for 3-4 hours at a stretch, others can only take 15 minute sessions a few times a day.
music – listen to music there are some very engaging and interractive children’s CD’s.
tracing her body on large brown paper and letting her decorate herself
a feelings book – cut out magazine picutres and glue them into a paper book you make with feelings
a food is fun book – same as above but cut out pictures of food and label them
washing fruit and veggies together (you may end up doing this just for fun)
making bubbles from scratch – very easy to do
baby massage
songs with finger motions – like 2 little birdies or this little piggy
folding tea towels and wash clothes- 2 and 3 year olds LOVE learning this skill – very proud of themselves, great for fine motor
Bathtub paints – brilliant way to spend 30 -45 minutes in the tub
Playdates – invite children S’s age over to play, at this age short playdates are good – 1-2 hours
Get a glokenspeal (sp?) and some cheap children’s instruments – play together to music or make your own music!

Side walk chalk
blowing bubbles
obstacle course – brilliant for toddlers – put empty boxes on lawn and they go through them
a treasure hunt (we used to do this 1x a week)
plant flowers – get cheap things like pansies, brilliant for teaching about bring gentle, caring for things etc
watering plants
foot print in paint – making messy pictures
sing, sing, sing, dance, dance, dance

Outside of home:
A class one morning a week (as you work this would be at the weekend) – a music class or gymnastics class – I’ll write more about why when I email you, but it’s something fun you can do together, it will burn off some energy etc. The music classes are simply brilliant and help with concentration
Swim – swim, swim, swim- brilliant for bonding. Friday night was our swimming time
walk – go on a nature walk or a long 1-2 hr walk at the weekends, during the week go for a 30 minute walk when you are home from work/daycare.
Go to a local small plane airport and watch the planes – absolutely fascinating, fun, take a bagel and some strawberries and water and have a picnic watching them take off and land
Go to the train station and watch the trains
Go to the library – I believe you are never too young to go to the library – it’s free, it’s a great way to meet other mum’s with young kids and instil a love of reading. Often there are reading, singing programs too. I took mine one a week minimum the whole time they were with me – it was wonderful!

Hang in there, you are doing great! Hope the ideas are of some help!!

One thing that keeps Anissa entertained for a little while is playing with her different Mr. Potato heads. On Saturday evening, she came to the kitchen with a piece of lips in her mouth and wearing one of her mr. potato head’s eyeglasses…that was hilarious.

Another game, we like to play together is a matching game. I spread the piece over the carpet and she goes around and finds the matching opposite of the one I am picking.

Anissa has a doll house in her bedroom and she likes to play with all the different piece of furniture etc.

Hopefully this helps a little bit 🙂

Ella likes to “clean” with shaving cream. A trick I learned in the classroom. You can spread shaving cream on any hard surface and then let her slip and slide all over the place. Good photo op, too! And it doesn’t matter what it gets on, as long as it’s a hard surface the kitchen and bathroom are the best places.

One more thing you can do is throw every pillow and quilt in the middle of the living room floor and jump, jump, jump. This is a good one to wear a two year old out!

I am some times too pooped to be a creative mom. If D-M wants to watch TV and I give in, I pop in YogaKids or Baby Ballet. She loves doing it and is interacting…. and making herself tired. LOL

Look for a Maisy Farm. If you can’t buy one new you can get it on ebay. It is a pop up farm with Lucy Cousin’s Maisy Mouse characters. It is especially treasured. D-M also knows she has to pick up in order to play with it.

Sometimes it is OK to go pick up one of her little friends and let them entertain each other-especially if you are feeling frazzled! Put your feet up, read a book while keeping an eye out!

Play doh! Especially if you get one of those little machine things that you put the playdoh in and it comes out in different shapes!

I am still trying to get play doh out of the carpet. Any ideas Suzanne????

if the whole house is covered with carpet, then go outside and draw on the driveway with chalk. if that doesnt work(because you dont have chalk) then go for a walk, or go swimming!!(dont forget the floties!!!)

here ill try that with my 2 year old brother he loves watching tv too but right now he is watching the movie UP and he loves it and also if u have direct tv then on channel 301 this show called yo gabba gabba it entertains my brother he yells gabba gabba is on!!!

and he loves this show called ni haio ki lan something like that and he watches it too he yells kai lan is on kai lan is on!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 i love him he is sooooooo cute (im ten by the way)

No one needs to know if your ten ugh stupid kid shut up your not supposed to be on this site go play with your Dora toys Ugh

Don’t listen to mean people, kid – especially when they can’t spell! You sound like you are great to your little brother. Keep up the good work, I’m sure your parents are proud of you:)

you could also :

– draw a picture
– treasure hunt
– play a game , ring a ring a rosie on the tramp , a drawing game
– bounce on the tramp
– blow bubbles
– play with their toys
– read a book to them
Thanx thats all ive got hope it helped

here are some things i do when i babysit:
*blow bubbles
*draw on the driveway with chalk
*read to them
*watch t.v.
*go for a walk
*draw pictures
*finger paint
*go swimming( dont forget the floties)
*make pancakes, 2 year olds love to get messy and that goes for making cookies as well
*make cookies
*play hop scotch
*treasure hunt
*after all of that JUST TAKE A NAP!! ( YAY!!! )

build a sand box

Well trampolines and swings and pop up tents.

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